Rad UI is still under active development. You are free to use it in your projects, but expect breaking changes. If you'd like to contribute to Rad UI, please check out Getting Started


What is Rad UI?

Welcome to Rad UI, a UI library built around design systems used in web, it is designed to speed up your development process by providing you with a set of components that you can use to build your web app - fast. In less than an hour, you can start to get a feel for the components and how they work.


It started off as a hobby project and has slowly grown into a really high quality set of components that I use in my own projects . I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed building it.

Rad-UI is inspired heavily from Radix UI , Floating UI , shadcn/ui, Tailwind and some ideas from many other UI libraries. So you will notice some similarities in the components and might feel at home if you have used any of these libraries before.

It is built using React - for React based web applications. The components are well thought out and designed to be used in a variety of use cases. They are flexible to use and can be customized to suit your needs. They are unstyled by default - meaning they don't come with any styles, you can style them however you want - bring your scss, css, tailwind, styled-components, styled-jsx, emotion, whatever you want to the table and style them however you want.

It is thought out to be design system first, you can base your components on your design system and use Rad-UI to build your web app.